Monday, January 22, 2007


Some of the items, besides books, that can be found in the library include: audio books on tape, audio books on CD, compact disks, interactive cd-roms, video tapes,magazines, newspapers, and DVD's. The library holds over 67,000 volumes of books. The library has a special juvenile department that includes fiction books for young adults and a Board/Easy Book section for children under 3 years old. The audio books range from popular and classic fiction to mystery. Some of the audio books include tapes that teach you how to speak another language. The children's section of audio books include some read along books. The compact disks include a large variety of different musical styles. The library has a large collection of cd-roms that contain both popular and educational materials. The video collection in the library includes over 3,500 videotapes which include anything from documentaries to science fiction. The DVD collection is not as big as the video collection because the library only began collecting DVD's recently due to popular demand. There are over 200 magazines and newspapers which can be borrowed for one week. The special collection at the library holds a section of materials for Riverside authors, the local history file, and a collection of Frederick Olmstead items.


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